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The SteamDynamics developers come from a background of hands-on operational management, where conformity to quality standards, or organizational policies and procedures are critically important. Their objective has been to find ways to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the people within organizations. They see this as the last and definitive frontier of defect reduction long overlooked for the want of an effective tool to focus on this gap in performance.

Led by Michael J. Bull MBA, founder and President of the StreamDynamics organization (and author of the book: The Power of Accountability) the StreamDynamics team has developed a people friendly way to harness the dynamics of accountability as a means to dramatically reduce employee related defective performance.

Mr. Bull, a UK national and MBA graduate of the University of Wales, has spent more than 7 years perfecting the StreamDynamics method. This powerful management tool has now been successfully used in many key industries and across almost every company function with impressive results.

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We are about combining the methodology we teach with the software technology we have developed to ensure a world class formula for success.

We are about helping you get the very best from your people, achieving levels of performance and accuracy you have hoped for, but have never yet achieved.

We are about providing to you objective information about who and what needs your attention.

We are about helping you and your management team face where you are at, confronting your challenges, and acting definitively to deal with them.


Our Books

The Power of Accountability

The Missing Link in Dynamic Defect Reduction

Michael J. Bull

Organizations invest vast amounts of time and effort implementing the very best processes that their cleverest minds can come up with and then hand implementation over the least predictable of their assets - their people. Because of their imperfections, people make mistakes, fail to meet goals, get distracted, or just don’t follow instructions, all at great cost. The question is: can we really do much about this? The answer is yes. Read how affective accountability can solidify change, help us meet targets, and reduce people related defective performance, not in some marginal way, but dramatically. Enjoy this easy-to-understand guide to accountability systems that work!


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The Power of accountablity

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