Our Services

StreamDynamics offers a broad range of services.

People Focused Defect Reduction Consulting

We are training, coaching and accountability specialists. We use accountability to change the behavior of your employees so that they conform to your standards and values.

Our objective is to deliver to our clients a World Class employee development program in two weeks or less! (Our time with you will depend your specific circumstances and needs).

We pass to you all the necessary skills and training needed to succeed in our absence.

Accountability Software

We ensure the successful setup of the StreamDynamics software system which is an intricate part of the StreamDynamics methodology.

We provide unlimited technical support ensuring problem free operation. If necessary we are ready to design and adapt our software to any specific requirement your organization may have.

Within the scope we agree to, you will enjoy unlimited use of our software for a simple monthly fee.

Training and Seminars

Our training options impart the skills and competencies needed to ensure that continuous improvement ideas or strategies, never fail at the implementation stage and that accurate performance and World Class customer service are the order of the day.

These one and two day courses also cover all the essentials for accountability based change management.

Those attending come to understand that more than coming up with good ideas which we implement, we need strategies that ensure what we implement is accurately followed!

Employee Leasing

We aim to train someone from you own team as your StreamDynamics champion. However, the needs of our clients can vary greatly, as can the scope and duration of the accountability initiative within an organization.

Similar to a temporary employee, we can provide you with a certified accountability specialist, for a fixed weekly fee, for as long as they are needed.

We only lease employees, once the StreamDynamics methodology is fully in place.

Key Note Speaking

Entertaining and informative, our founder explains why accountability is the missing - but essential - link in dynamic defect reduction and is essential to ensuring conformance to company values and standards.

Using accountability as a defect reduction tool is new but its impact is powerful. This is an interesting and thought provoking presentation specifically for professional audiences.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services.

Once we agree to work together and you fully engage in the StreamDynamics methodology but experience no measurable reduction in people related defective performance, we provide a 100 percent refund of the cost of the software.

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