The StreamDynamics system is the most affective and dynamic modifier of human behavior toward defect reduction that is available. Just switching on the program in your organization can provide an immediate (literally overnight) impact on defective performance. Getting mistakes, errors and other non-conformances down by 80 percent or more is a very typical outcome.

Besides ensuring the training and mentoring of employees, which is a key element of the StreamDynamics method, other important data is provided to assist with implementing continuous improvement, the combined impact of which is truly dynamic.

The MA system provides performance data at every level, from company wide right down to a specific employee and lists the root causes and even the cost of the mistakes that are occurring. With this information in your hands you will know exactly where to target your improvement efforts.

Supply Company Case Study

This supply company processes about $80 million in industrial supply sales each year, handling about 7,800 orders a month. Typical errors related to wrongly transcribing orders that were taken over the phone, such as: listing the wrong quantity, incorrect pricing, typing the wrong address or selecting the wrong product to deliver. This true depiction shows a definite downward trend in defective performance.

Supply Sales

Fabrication Company Case Study

This steel fabrication company became AISC certified (similar to ISO) and used StreamDynamics methodology as their non-conformance program. Typical failures related to wrong or inaccurate drawings from their drafting department, incorrect fabrication or not following their customers’ directions. The reduction in failures was dramatic as can be seen. It is interesting to note that December and January were their busiest months on record for this company.

Fab Results

Transportation Company Case study

This department was tasked with delivering orders accurately to customers. Running about twenty-three trucks a day, each with a unique route. Failures typically related to dropping off an order at the wrong customer, under or over delivery and damaging or losing product.



Truck Loading Dept. Case Study

This truck loading team was responsible for loading customer orders on the right truck and route for next day delivery by the above trucking department. The most common failures related to placing an order on the wrong truck, poor packaging, not loading product or damaging goods during loading. There was intense upward pressure in this busy, deadline driven department, but the trend, while bumpy, was definitely downward.



Steel Service Company Case Study

This steel service center sold steel, steel cutting and burning services to steel fabricators. Typical failures related to inaccurately processing a customer’s requirements when taking an order over the phone.


Steel Sales

Day One Case Study

In early case study examples our data collecting focused more on defect reduction after the StreamDynamics was introduced. As the methodology developed data was collected both pre and post introduction of the StreamDynamics method. Next is an example of the immediate impact of StreamDynamics, during the first weeks it was introduced.

In this example the defective performance of project managers within a construction company was discretely recorded in the weeks prior to introducing the StreamDynamics solution. The level of defective performance was then tracked immediately after introduction. The results show that just by introducing a World Class accountability tool we can have an immediate impact on changing the defective behavior of employees.

The reduction in the first week of implementation was over 80 percent. By month eight, a further 82 percent reduction occurred, in line with previous examples shown above.

he Impact of Introducing MICRO ACCOUNTABILITY

Root Cause Data


Here is an example of information the StreamDynamics software provides. This is a shipping company's top reasons for failures. The most frequently occurring problems become the point of focus. Even the most uninitiated in the methods of continuous improvement can participate in finding solutions to a list like this.



he most frequently occurring root causes

Employee Data


Knowing which employees are struggling allows you to focus training exactly where needed:




Knowing which employees are your worst performers allows you to focus training exactly where needed

Failure By Employee

Understanding the root causes that impact each employee allows individual training to be specific to the needs of each employee. This objective data is also useful when rewarding improvement, or determining promotions, pay rises or bonuses. The simple format alllows supervisors and managers to focus exactly where needed.



Understand, the root causes that impact each employee

Industries and Functions that have used the StreamDynamics Software

Examples of industries, organizational types and departmental functions where the StreamDynamics software has been successfully used:



Examples of Department Functions Where MICRO ACCOUNTABILITY Has Been Successfully Used

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