The Problem

An unfortunate feature of all organizations is the tendency for errors to occur, or for procedures not to be followed correctly, especially where people interface with a process. Our employees are our greatest strength and, at times, our greatest weakness. You can buy sophisticated machinery or create the very best processes that your most talented managers can develop, and yet you will be at the mercy of the imperfections of the people you employ to man your equipment, follow your procedures, and run your business.

The Irate Customer

We are about changing behavior of employees towards accuracy and conformity, thereby reducing employee created waste.

Our research tells us that more than 97 percent of all failures within organizations are people related. Finding an effective way to decrease people related defective behavior can have a major impact on improving performance. This is what we do!




Our People Problem

We seek for the best solutions our cleverest minds can come up with and then pass implementation to the least predictable of our assets - our people.

Our people can be the source of amazing innovation, but at the same time they sometimes get it wrong. If that happens when dealing with our very best customers, we can be in for a bumby ride.

The Cost To You

The combined impact of people related imperfections cost organizations, all over the world, billions upon billions of dollars to correct each year.

If you have ever had to bear the cost of rework, redelivering a faulty product, re-tooling machinery to correct a defective part or working overtime due to an error in performance, you will understand very well how the cost of our imperfections can soon add up.

The Irate Customer

When procedures are not followed and the inevitable phone call comes from the irate customer...

...Who, what, why, when, and where are not always forthcoming; and besides, you are now in a firefighting mode, wasting valuable resources to correct the mistake. All too often the essential action, to make sure a mistake never occurs again, does not happen.
It is a fact that many companies invest large amounts in process improvement, lean systems and waste reduction. This is because efficient and accurate performance holds the key to millions in savings. But the focus is usually on systems and processes, rarely the individual. But it is the individual that you rely on to follow your best practices.

By failing to also focus on improving people, through affective accountabilty systems along with mentoring and coaching, we miss huge opportunities for saving money and resouces.


The Irate Customer

There is an industry wide failure rate for continuous improvement activities of over 60%. StreamDynamics is designed to help reduce that to zero!

We Have Found...

When rolling out a new strategy, process or system, we may…

*   perform comprehensive training

*   provide visuals and handouts

*   look people in the eye and get commitment

*   have buy-in from top to bottom

…yet still fail to implement effectively and fully.


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