The Solution

The StreamDynamics software drives a powerful, globally accessible, continuous improvement system; a management tool designed to reduce defective performance in people. It is powered by a proprietary Error-Reduction Software Tool (ERST).

The StreamDynamics software allows us to capture and deal with any deviation from a ‘standard\\\\\\\', whether it be a basic, unintended, human error, neglect of a process segment, missing deadlines or wide-spread ignoring of policies and procedures. The tool changes human behavior towards conformance.

The StreamDynamics software is web based. This means it is accessible just about anywhere. Should a deviation from a standard occur, the software, running as an app or via a desktop system, guides managers through a corrective process, not letting up until essential tasks are done, all within a defined time line.

The results are fast, dynamic and cost saving. This is not a punitive system, but provides mentoring and training precisely where needed.

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