The Solution

The StreamDynamics software drives a powerful, globally accessible, continuous improvement system; a management tool designed to reduce defective performance in people. It is powered by a proprietary Error-Reduction Software Tool (ERST).

The StreamDynamics software allows us to capture and deal with any deviation from a ‘standard', whether it be a basic, unintended, human error, neglect of a process segment, missing deadlines or wide-spread ignoring of policies and procedures. The tool changes human behavior towards conformance.

The StreamDynamics software is web based. This means it is accessible just about anywhere. Should a deviation from a standard occur, the software, running as an app or via a desktop system, guides managers through a corrective process, not letting up until essential tasks are done, all within a defined time line.

The results are fast, dynamic and cost saving. This is not a punitive system, but provides mentoring and training precisely where needed.

The Data

The software provides incredibly useful data, allowing us to focus on exactly who and what needs our attention. It is ideal for dramatically improving: customer service, quality conformance, safety standards and compliance with company goals, processes and procedures.

More than anything else it is easy to understand and simple to use. Anyone with basic computer literacy can engage with the software.

Where To Use

All organizations have an inherent need for accountability. Thus the StreamDynamics software has the potential to play a role in just about any organization.

Any situation where an employee interfaces with a process and there is the potential for an error to be made, the StreamDynamics software can reduce the likelihood of those errors occurring.

Assists at Two Levels

StreamDynamics assists at two levels: the employee and the manager.

We provide comprehensive training at both these levels, passing along the skills necessary to reduce people related defective performance dramatically.

The StreamDynamics system makes it very hard, if not impossible, for managers and supervisors to not to provide affective follow-up after a failure occurs.


When Micro Accountability is Used

We have proven, over and over again, that when the StreamDynamics methodology is used:

  • Errors and mistakes drop dramatically, typically by 80% or more
  • As defects and waste are reduced, efficiency improves and money is saved
  • Customers are much better served.
  • Managers become and feel more successful.
  • Morale improves.

Our Core Philosophy

Our good results are the product of a belief that…

all bad action requires a positive, creative, employee building, reaction.


Transparency and Information

We ensure you have the help you need...

*  You clearly see where your trouble spots are occurring

*  Information feedback is transparent and easy to understand

*  You know where to focus resources at every level

*  You choose who sees what and when

*  Trend data tells you exactly where you are making progress

*  The software even reminds you of action you need to take.


Not A Punative System


StreamDynamics is not a punitive system, or a stick to beat people with, it encourages: mentoring, coaching, effective feedback about performance, helping employees to take responsibility for and thereby own their imperfections.

While StreamDynamics is not designed to be an extension of HR, it can provide very objective and useful information for use in evaluations and performance related decisions.


Ease of Use

We feel that providing a simple, easy to use solution, encourages broader participation. We guarantee:

*    An easy to understand system

*    Basic computer skills will allow participation

*    Brief, non-technical training

*    High transparency and easy access


Root Causes

In every instance the StreamDynamics software asks for the reason behind the deviation it tracks. These reasons, or root causes for failures occurring, can be as broad or narrow as you wish. They create lists of actionable items that can be used for continuous improvement within your organization.


A World Class Team

If you think about a world class NFL team, they are constantly evaluating their performance for opportunities to improve. Unfocused training and errors during play lose games. 

Even when they win, coaches review performance and harvest each error and poor play. This forms the basis of team development and future training programs.

Team members are encouraged to own their errors and mistakes, it is expected that they take constructive criticism well and fall in line with the training designed to perfect their play. If any one team member's performance is off just a little, they are coached, mentored, trained and then practise, over and over again, unlil the problem is resolved.

If team members will not be coached they can't be on the team! If coaches will not coach, they are fired!

World class teams set their standards high and have a zero tolerance for poor performance, yet they know every game has many imperfections and you know what? They are looking for them every second of every game. When those imperfections appear they create a corrective plan and implement it swiftly.

Good coaches know brow-beating, name calling, being derogatory and making threats does not work (a world class team uses world class methods). They will praise good performance whenever it occurs. If performance issues are found they encourage reform, build confidence, train, mentor, provide accountability, set clear expectations and provide exacting follow up.

So, why do so few of us take this approach in the world of business?

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